Man admits to killing teen cousin inside Croydon home

A Bucks County man will spend life in prison after admitting to brutally murdering his 14-year-old cousin last year.

Colin Haag, 21, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder, attempted rape, and related charges in the March 2018 death of Autumn Bartle.

Haag attempted to sexually assault the teen before stabbing her more than 160 times. He then shot in her in the head inside the Croydon home where they both lived with Autumn's family. Autumn died at the hospital three days after the incident.

Following the incident, Haag was found by Bensalem Police along State Road was found suffering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the neck, and officers found he was in possession of two handguns that were reported stolen from the Bartle home.

Authorities say Haag was found with a backpack that contained at least one of the stolen guns, as well as a spiral notebook that had writing and smeared blood on one of the last pages. The note read, "This the last of Slim. That's all you get, and it's the end for me." The District Attorney's office said the blood smear was Autumn's blood.