Man caught shaving on train in viral video receives help from public

While on a New Jersey Transit headed to his brother's house, Anthony Torres pulled out his razor and shaving cream.

"I wanted to look good, I wanted to look presentable. I hate going around looking like a bum." He said after his brother sent him money for a train ride home. "I mean I lived in a homeless shelter and I was like man where am I going to shave."

That's when someone snapped a picture of him shaving and posted it to a GoFundMe site hoping to help him. Before there was sympathy for Torres's plight, however, there was disgust.

"He's a slob."

"He's a pig,"

"Why's he shaving?"

Some of the comments were harsh.

Videos and images went viral. Anthony's brother, Thomas said he has struggled with homelessness for years, and can sometimes miss normal social cues.

"You really shouldn't judge people for their character because you don't know their character. You don't know their life," said Thomas.

After the circumstances behind Anthony's image became clear, people came forward wanting to help.

Anthony's story is now serving as a reminder to all to not judge a man before you walk a mile in his shoes.

"I feel better now that people know the real me," said Anthony.