Man charged with stealing over $180,000 from an 82-year-old woman in Delaware County.

A Philadelphia resident is charged after taking advantage of an elderly woman and stealing over $180.000.

Lloyd Griscom, 31, was charged with stealing more than $180,000 from an 82-year-old women over a span of five months on Friday.

Griscom is charged with what police say are various felony charges including theft by unlawful taking or disposition among other related charges.

The incident happened back on February 14 at approximately 10:30 a.m. when police responded to the home of the 82-year-old women on the 600 block of South Avenue in Secane, Ridley Township. According to officials, the victims IRA account had been depleted from $183,211.00 to $2,104.42.

Later, on March 6 the victim told investigators that she had met and knew Griscom fairly well. They had exchanged phone numbers and would meet for lunch on occasion. The victim also told detectives that she agreed to allow Griscom to move into her apartment when he offered to help provide care for her.

Police say after a full investigation, they concluded Griscom depleted the victim's accounts without her permission. The accounts show from November 9, 2017 to February 8, 2018 there had been a total of $180,727.14 withdrawn from her account.

"Our seniors deserve to enjoy their retirement and their hard-earned money without the fear of being victimized," stated Delaware County District Attorney Katayoun Copeland. "Lloyd Griscom stole that liberty from the victim in this case, betraying her trust, and stealing her life savings for his own leisure. Too often, financial exploitation of our seniors goes unreported, leaving perpetrators free to move on to their next victim. As the result of reported suspected abuse, and excellent investigative work, Lloyd Griscom can no longer prey on our vulnerable residents."

Griscom will have his preliminary hearing July 9 and will remain at the George W. Hill Correctional Facility until then.