Man creates custom monopoly board for marriage proposal

I knew years ago that Michal Ott was the one, but it was a few months ago I decided I was going to ask Michal to marry...

When Justin Lebon decided to propose to his girlfriend, Michal Ott, he knew he wanted to make it extra special. So he created the perfect game to help him do it.

With the help of his friend, Mark Becker, who has a woodcraft shop on Etsy, Lebon created a custom monopoly board filled of landmark locations from their relationship.

But there was a catch. Beneath the 'Luxury Tax' spot on the board, Becker built a trap door, large enough to fit an engagement ring.

He also created his own Chance and Community Chest cards one of which read, "Will You Marry Me?"

During the game Lebon popped the question. The couple is now happily planning their wedding for 2017.

Lebon's proposal took place last Christmas, but it's been gaining attention recently after he posted the photos to Reddit.