Man finds Ku Klux Klan business card left on his car

A man says he found a business card promoting the Ku Klux Klan on the windshield of his car on the 1600 block of Kater Street in Philadelphia's Graduate Hospital neighborhood Tuesday.

40-year-old Malik Upshur has lived on the street his whole life.

"It's hurtful that we're still going though this after all these years," he said.

Malik felt so strongly he contacted city councilman Kenyatta Johnson who called local leaders together Thursday to denounce racial intimidation and KKK propaganda.

"He's the only African American who lives on this block and it just so happened this card wound up on his windshield, an African American, so I call that more than a coincidence," Johnson said.

"There's a better way to handle our differences. There's a better way to build bridges rather than walls," NAACP President Minister Rodney Muhammad said.

Neighbor Toni Brownstein wants to know what's going on. She says someone spray-painted alleged racist graffiti last month on her wall on Kater Street.

Most of it has been cleaned off Brownstein's property but the same December night a man was caught on camera spray-painting similar graffiti on a number of South Philadelphia homes, including rapper Meek Mill's grandmother's house.