Mayor Jim Kenney says there will not be an Eagles jersey placed on Billy Penn

Philadelphia's first fan is weighing in on the big game. Mayor Jim Kenney was asked Tuesday about the Billy Penn statue atop city hall, Eagles fans and the behavior he hopes can be avoided.

It's been done before with less-than-positive results. Back in 1993, Billy Penn sported a huge Phillies cap heading into the team's World Series match-up with the defending champion Toronto Blue Jays. We all know how that ended. YouTube viewers are still watching the Joe Carter walk-off home run that broke our hearts.

Four years later, someone thought it'd be a good idea to put a Flyers jersey on the statue ahead of the team's Stanley Cup Finals series against the Detroit Red Wings. Sadly, the orange and black were swept.

And so, when Mayor Kenney was asked whether he'd support the placing of a Birds jersey on Billy Penn ahead of this year's Super Bowl, he shook his head and shut down the question--fast.

"I want to win the Super Bowl," he said.

Kenney--a pretty serious sports fan--was asked about the Eagles' special relationship with local rooters clearly the most popular of the big four pro sports teams.

"There's something about this team that's in our DNA that unifies not just the city, but the region," he said.

And, the mayor was asked whether he'll travel to Minneapolis to see the Eagles in person.

Probably not, he said. Adding that he should be here in part to help keep an eye on things. Last weekend was rowdy with generally good-natured fun. but the mayor saw plenty to be worried about.

"I'm not a big fan of the knucklehead behavior. I don't like it. I don't think it's good for the city. It's hard to police it. Some of the things I saw on video over the weekend is not pleasant and should not happen. But that does not represent anywhere near the majority of our fans," he said.