Mayor Kenney unveils new plan to prevent gun violence in Philadelphia

In late September of last year, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney called on city officials to create a plan to combat increasing gun violence in neighborhoods across the city. On Thursday, after Mayor Kenney's 100 day mandate, the Violence Prevention and Reduction Strategy Working Group revealed their plan.

"We want to see the homicide trend going down as it was up until 2017," said Mayor Kenney. "We want to get it back to declining and our ultimate aspirational goal is zero."

The plan, named "The Philadelphia Roadmap to Safer Communities," looks to identify factors that create environments for gun crime. From promoting community health and looking at inequality to investing in police technology to help a program known as Operation Pinpoint.

Another key factor in the plan is improving reentry programs to help former inmates rebuild their lives.

Willie Wilcher, who spent time behind bars for robbery and arson, says he's living proof that lives can be saved on the street if given the right support.

"I've been out here in 11 years. I own a dump truck, a van, my own business of cleaning our houses. I've learned. My sons don't go to jail," said Wilcher.

Mayor Keeney says the city will invest $4.4 million over six months to roll out this plan, and will ask for more money when he presents his budget to council in March.