Mother says MLK High School special education student was attacked at school

A mother wants to know why after she says her son was beat up at MLK High School. The 15-year-old's jaw was broken and had to be wired shut. Police say he may be a victim of the 'Knockout Game'.

"This is his diet for the next 30 to 60 days," his mother said. A protein milkshake is all that Niquan Martin will eat for the foreseeable future. The 15-year-old's jaw is broken in three places and wired shut after being attacked in the hallway at Martin Luther King High School Friday afternoon.

"Someone came and blindsided him--hit him. He aint' even know what hit him," his mother, Nicole Brooks, said.

Niquan's mother says the attack on her son--who is in special education program--was unprovoked. Police say it may be a case of the 'Knockout Game'.

The incident caught on video was witnessed by a teacher. Niquan was knocked so hard he doesn't even remember what happened. He ended up at CHOP.

"I'm struggling to process, I don't want for him to see me cry," his mother said.

The student accused of the attack is now out of school most likely for good and facing criminal charges.

Niquan--who can only mumble his words--now is on prescription opiods for pain and having trouble sleeping.

In a statement the school district tells FOX 29, "We take the safety of our students and our staff very seriously. Violence of any kind in our schools is unacceptable and will not be tolerated."

His mother says that's not good enough. She's pulling her son from the high school and hoping for a new safer school.

"I send him to school to be safe and get his education. And obviously he was not safe," she said. "My son was injured in your care. You have to take responsibility and accountability."