Neighbors say home is gathering place for drug activity

The national drug epidemic is a horror show for those living through it. But what about those who live next door?

Not far from the El trains that roar above Frankford Avenue in North Philadelphia, sits the house on D Street.

It's easy to notice the outside where boards fastened to the sidewalk prop up the buckling front wall of the dilapidated row home.

But neighbors say it's the drug use and fights that catch their attention. Neighbors so afraid to speak out, they met us at the nearest police station

We agreed not to use their real names.

"It's horrible," said "Betty. "Every day I have to look outside to make sure there's nothing going on in front of my house!"

On this night, an elderly man was slumped on the front steps-- we couldn't rouse him from his stupor.

But neighbors willing to talk say they are routinely propositioned by the men and women who come and go from this house, looking to sell or buy or just use, drugs.

"You constantly have the police and fire rescue out of this house every day, 5 to 6 times a day," said "Joe.

Police confirm they are at this house repeatedly.

FOX 29's Bruce Gordon asked a woman inside the house about those claims.

"There's no drugs used going on in here!" she yelled, through a partly closed curtain.

Neighbors disagree.

They say they want their block back, but that police-- very much in evidence while Fox 29 was here-- have been less than responsive."

"I don't want to move," said "Linda. "I want to clean up the area. I like the area but it needs to be cleaned up!"

Last year, The city's Department of Licenses and Inspections deemed the home "unsafe."

But it is not clear whether the home is dangerous enough to be torn down.