North Philly nonprofit founder camping out, seeking donations for a new building

The founder of a nonprofit that serves children in North Philly has made a social media plea for help funding a new building.

"Hello everybody. My name is Ryan Harris founder and CEO of "As I Plant This Seed" a non-profit organization. I put the call out for everyone to come and help us out in our campaign." His Instagram post has more than 500 views.

It's a plea to the community to help his organization that's dedicated to serving young people in North Philly fund a new home.

"I'm challenging the community to put their money where their mouth is because we've been doing the work," said Harris who is promising to camp out at Broad and Hunting Park beginning at 9 a.m. Monday for at least two days seeking donations.

"On that little platform in the middle of the street. I'm going to sit there and I'm not going to eat anything and I'm not going to move until we raise every dime until we get our building," said Harris.

Right now, his organization runs out of the Lenfest Center on North 10th Street. On Friday, a small group of young people whom the nonprofit serves met to discuss things that are affecting them.

"As I Plant This Seed" started seven years ago, holding charity and community events that focus on family and non-violence. Four years ago, it started a mentorship program.

"To broaden their horizons, to expose them to new concepts and ideas just things that they probably wouldn't learn outside of an 8 block radius," said Harris. He feels the growth has led to a need for their own building.

"The Lenfest Center been nice for it for the time being and it was a match at the time but now we feel like we're growing outside of this space."

He hopes camping out will help them reach a $30,000 goal.

"I will not move from that spot and I will not eat until we raise the money so please don't have me out there starving too long," he said.

Harris also set up a GoFundMe for anyone who wants to donate online.