Officials launch 'Project Playground' to keep drug dealers out of playgrounds

A collaborative effort between the Chester County District Attorney's office and Coatesville police called "Project Playground" has begun in hopes to keep drug dealers out of playgrounds.

"It's like they use the kids for cover. I don't like that. If I can help it, I'm gonna spot em out and tell on them," said local resident Denise Addison. She is hoping this program will create safer parks for her grandchildren.

At a news conference Thursday the police chief credits the community with helping them nab 40 people since the start of summer as part of this initiative.

"They weren't willing to accept this as the norm in the city of Coatesville. They provided us infomation that allowed us to focus on people selling in the neighborhoods," Coatesville Police Chief Jack Laufer said.

Investigators say they confiscated heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, oxycodone and marijuana during numerous raids. They also seized thousands of dollars in cash and 18 guns while making undercover drug buys.

"The end result is zero homicides. The end result is these folks being arrested,"District Attorney Tom Hogan added.