Pennsylvania adds more than 8,000 new COVID-19 infections on Saturday

A transmission electron microscope image shows SARS-CoV-2, also known as the 2019 novel coronavirus, which causes COVID-19, isolated from a patient in the United States. Note the crown-like spikes on the outer edge of the virus, hence the term "coron (NIAID-RML)

The surge in new COVID-19 cases in Pennsylvania continued on Saturday as state health officials reported more than 8,000 new positive tests. 

According to the state's latest data, the number of new infections grew by 8,053 which pushed the cumulative total to 351,667 positive tests. Health officials also added 41 virus-related deaths to Pennsylvania's total of more than 10,200 fatalities.


Pennsylvania reported its 14-day moving average of hospitalizations increased by nearly 2,300 patients since the end of September. To date, there are 2,904 people hospitalized with COVID-19 and 864 patients in intensive care.

State health officials said those who have fallen gravely ill are 65-years or older. Of the state's 10,275 deaths, 6,430 have occurred in nursing homes or long term care facilities. 

According to Pennsylvania's latest data, children 0-4-years-old have a 1% share of the state's overall case total. Ages 5-12 make up 3% of cases and the 13-18 age bracket accounts for 6%. 

Health officials continue to monitor an uptick in positive tests from the 19-24 age bracket, which holds a 13% share of total positive tests. In the densely populated southeast part of the state, the young demographic that made up just 5% of new cases in April has accounted for 11% of positive tests in November.

Older demographics are considered to be the most vulnerable to COVID-19. The state reported 22% of all positives have come from people 50-64 years old. Likewise, patients 65 and older have 20% of all positives.

State and local health officials have implored the public to follow mitigation guidelines extended by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, including wearing a mask when in public or when social distancing is compromised. Pennsylvania recently heightened its mask mandate and imposed new testing guidelines in an effort to quell the coronavirus.

With at least one vaccine expected to be approved before the end of the year, health officials rolled out their three-tiered distribution plan earlier this month. 


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