People left scrambling after Pier 40 Self Storage announces closure

People are scrambling after Pier 40 Self Storage announced they are closing.

Brian Mullins emptied three storage units at Pier 40 self-storage --alongside dozens of his fellow tenants--on Monday.

The storage company announced in early February that it would be closing and everyone must vacate by early March. Mullin says it's been challenging and expensive.

A question that has not yet been answered is why is the property closing?

"I've heard speculation the building might be falling into the water. Nobody really knows," Mullins said.

Multiple customers say they were told that the building has been condemned. L&I says each pier is in charge of hiring a structural engineer to conduct its own safety inspections. The agency says it has not received Pier 40's latest inspection report, which is a requirement every three years.

Employees at the self-storage say they know nothing. Customers tell FOX 29 they're also in the dark.