Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner announces new probation policy

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner is announcing a new probation policy in hopes of reducing the number of people on supervised parole.

In Philadelphia, about 40,000 people are on supervised parole. That number is the second highest in the country and seems staggering when compared to New York City's 12,700 parolees.

Krasner says the change is being made because it is wrong to keep a parolee trapped in a system that hurts the poor, people of color and breaks up families.

This new policy is about expanding individual justice because it's wrong to keep a parolee trapped in a system that overwhelmingly hurts the poor and people of color, facilitates recidivism, breaks up families, and keeps individuals from finding and keeping a job," Krasner said.

The district attorney's office says one of the reasons the new police was drafted is "because after two years of supervision the positive impact of parole and probation decrease."

Instead, supervision could cause the parolee to commit violations that could lead them back to jail, costing them their job, or time with their family until they eventually have a hearing.

Krasner's office also cited the fees and costs of remaining on parole disproportionately impacting the poor, causing them to "fall behind or commit additional crimes, causing them to remain in the system."

Krasner appeared on Good Day Philadelphia Thursday morning to talk more about the policy. He will make the official announcement in a press conference at 11:30 a.m. Thursday.