Philadelphia police warn of thieves stealing tires and rims from Honda Accords

Philadelphia police say thieves are stealing tires and rims from Honda Accords. They are calling it an 'epidemic'.

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Officers say 60 Hondas have been targeted in the last two months. According to the victims, they walk outside in the morning to find their cars sitting on soda crates.

Police believe the tires and rims are being sold on the black market.

"There's a lot of these for sale by owner's apps. You type in Honda rims and they come up. They're selling them for 400 to 800 a set, which is less than a quarter of what they really cost," Philadelphia Police Lt. Dennis Rosenbaum said.

Targeting Hondas is nothing new. Last year, FOX 29 showed you how wheels are being swiped all over Philly and Bucks County.

The average cost to replace the tires and rims is about $3-4,000. Police are telling car owners to park in well-lit areas or in a driveway.