Police looking for possibly more victims of alleged police impersonator

Manchester Township police say they are looking for possibly more victims of an alleged police impersonator.

"No comment," said 51-year-old Salvatore Giglio. He wouldn't open the door when we showed up at his Manchester Township home Thursday evening. Police have charged him with impersonating a law enforcement officer after a woman reported that he tried to pull her over.

"I was a little shocked," said Bryan Boccelli. He lives in Pine Acres Manor the same neighborhood as the suspect.

"I got a wife, a little baby and a couple of stepkids. It concerns me down these dark roads. People sometimes take advantage of genuine good people," said Boccelli. Police say Sunday a women called them saying she was being followed by a man who may have been in an unmarked police car. She said he flashed red and blue lights appearing to try and pull her over. She was suspicious because she said it didn't look like a traditional police car. The driver eventually took off but the woman was able to take a picture of the car while she was stopped at a traffic light. Police later saw the picture and determined it was not a Manchester Township police car.

"I would definitely pull over and I would be scared," said Rosanne Holmes. She's worried after hearing what happened.

"He wasn't dressed in proper uniform. I would be very suspicious," said Holmes. Police say after their Facebook post they got lots of tips that helped lead them to the suspect and the 2005 gray Ford Taurus which they say he had altered by removing the front grill lights and metal window shield. Tony Vicente lives near the suspect too and is concerned for his daughters and wife.

"Even when she goes food shopping, people in the parking lots approaching and you see a young lady by herself. You know you always have to know your surroundings," said Vicente. Police say the suspect also had personal self-defense spray over the legal amount. They ask you to call them if you believe this also happened to you.