Police: Man posing as utility worker in Vineland

Police are telling residents to be on the lookout for a man posing as a utility worker in Vineland, New Jersey.

Vineland is the only New Jersey community with its own electric generating utility serving 25,000 customers. It has a water utility as well and workers with both groups have IDs, marked clothing and their vehicles are easily recognized.

Police want information on a man seen on surveillance video in his late 20s or early 30s with a thin mustache seen in the Edna and Junior Drive neighborhood of Vineland Thursday.

Police say he claimed he was with the Vineland Municipal Electric Utility, but he's not, according to police. They say it's not the first time it has happened.

"We have some impostors representing themselves as a utility person with the intent of gaining entrance into the residents' homes," Director of Municipal Utilities John Lillie said.

Police report last month two men in a dark-colored vehicle tried to get inside homes claiming they worked with the Utility on renewable energy and needed to do some checking. They claimed homeowners should have received a letter of notification from the city.

Community leaders are trying to get the word out to the residents of the sprawling often rural community of 69 square acres. They say they want to offer superior water and energy services, but safety is also a top concern.

"...The safety of our residents is equally important as is providing them with their utilities..."