Spanish police officer serenades elderly robbery victim with piano performance"

A police officer in Spain played a piano to serenade an elderly woman who was the victim of an attempted robbery. 

The incident happened on June 8 in Valencia. The victim was 84 years old. 

Officer Cesar Raro played Amelie’s soundtrack on the piano. Footage was recorded by his partner, Jorge Gonzalez.  The video showed him with his back turned while he played the piano, while Gonzalez recorded and the woman wrote Raro a poem.

Officer Cesar Raro plays the piano to comfort an elderly attempted robbery victim.  (Policia Nacional Espana via Storyful)

Local news outlets reported the victim was in a "great state of nervousness" after someone dressed in black attempted to rob her.

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"The woman was very nervous; she could barely stand at times. When I saw the acoustic piano, I got excited. The topic came up, and I told her ‘if you are willing, I would really be delighted’. At the end I started playing, and the reaction was spectacular, she started crying," Raro told Storyful. 

Storyful contributed to this report. This story was reported from Los Angeles.