Police remind homeowners to keep house numbers visible

House numbers missing or faded could mean the difference between life and death during an emergency.

The size and clarity of those numbers matter to first responders, which is why Woolwich Township police took to Facebook this week to remind homeowners, "Please make sure your house is numbered correctly and can be easily identified from the roadway."

Woolwich Township Police Chief Richard Jaramillo was behind the reminder...

"We deal in seconds out here, and yes, they're crucial to our response time and to how quick we can help out," he told FOX 29. "Correct. Seconds to us is a life."

FOX 29's Bruce Gordon's drive around the township revealed several poorly marked home addresses, which is a potential problem when the emergency is not obvious to an approaching first responder like a burglar alarm or carbon monoxide issue.

Remember that snowfall back in mid-January? Woolwich police say plows inadvertently knocked down a lot of roadside mailboxes and posts, leaving homes un-numbered.