Police: Trio stole from Calvin Klein store in Gloucester Township

Surveillance video inside a Gloucester Township store starts out looking pretty innocent. Three females walk into a Calvin Klein store and immediately start looking at clothes. They seem particularly interested in a table of CK T-shirts. Then, off they go to the dressing room. Avoiding any fitting room staffers, the one wearing red slides under the door after grabbing the door handle which appears to be locked.

"She goes under. Oh wow," said Mia Shousley. It was the first sign that there was something shady about this shopping spree. Shousley was heading into the Gloucester Premium Outlets with her daughter Mya where it all went down.

"Well they look like their teenagers and teenagers do crazy stuff like that so it's not surprising," said Shousely. But wait. There's more. The trio leave the dressing room and head out of the store empty handed. Well that's what it looks like. Then it appears an alarm goes off and an employee approaches them.

"They act like so innocent like oh like we don't even know what's going on. Like oh my God it's ringing like the buzzer is just going off," said Nicole Shiavo.

Two of them start to pat their own pockets and show what's in their hands. The one in the red even slightly opens a purse. But they keep their cool and eventually leave. Schiavo can't believe they pulled it off.

"You would think that they would like check their bags if they have backpacks you know," said Schiavo.

Store workers and Gloucester Township Police later determine the suspects hid the clothes on their bodies.

"There's so much thought put into this why not just work for the money," said Brett Dickey.

"If I was them I would basically just take the merchandise back so it doesn't tarnish their name but that looks really bad," said Shousley.

Police say the trio got away with about $500 worth of clothes.