Police: Woman delivers baby after DUI crash in Overbrook

Authorities say a woman who was 25 weeks pregnant went into premature labor and gave birth after the pickup truck she was riding in was rear-ended by an alleged drunken driver in Overbrook.

The child was hospitalized in very critical condition following the crash that occurred around 3 a.m. Tuesday, while the mother was listed in stable condition.

Authorities say the pickup was stopped at a traffic light when the crash occurred. The 56-year-old driver of the car that struck the pickup allegedly was drunk. The crash was on captured on security camera.

"We just got jarred and she went into labor. The baby was born right here on the seat. What are you going to do?" the baby's father, Yori El, said.

By late Tuesday morning, Yori El was back from seeing his infant, working to have his truck towed and moving on.

"It is what it is--live to see another day. Thank God. Go back to the hospital after that get back to work," he said.

The crash remains under investigation.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.