Rodgers: Phillies bringing the excitement back to the ballpark

The MLB All-Star Game wanting to come here to Philly in 2026 makes sense. It's the 250th birthday of America, but I also think it's a needed event for the Phillies, I had the chance to talk to Phillies great Jimmy Rollins Tuesday and he brought up a great point.

"To get it at that ballpark that will be a huge moment. We won the World Series there that was great, but it needs a few more moments. Hopefully, before the All-Star Game to have at least one more of those moments," Rollins said.

He's right. Jimmy went on to say that after the 2008 World Series, the Eagles captured this city's attention with the Super Bowl win and as the Sixers continue to build and compete all eyes are on them as well. But as Rollins said the Phillies pride themselves on a specific brand of excitement that they bring to Philadelphia.

The Phillies are on their way to bringing that excitement back after signing Bryce Harper and four other All-Stars this off-season. There is a definite buzz at the ballpark now.

Of course, a historic event like the 2026 All-Star Game will bring excitement for the Phils, but as Rollins said Tuesday maybe another run like we saw in 2008 first wouldn't hurt?

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