Search on for vandals who destroyed at least 12 US flags on highways

At least 12 flags displayed on highway overpasses near Boston were vandalized with police still looking for the culprits.

Paul Alegria and others place the American flags on overpasses as a sign of patriotism, a movement that built momentum over time, he told "Fox & Friends."

Alegria said the culprit went to five overpasses and destroyed at least two flags on each.

"We need to think about being Americans first," he remarked, adding that someone would have to have underlying "anger" to destroy the flags.

FOX affiliate WFXT reports Alegria he started putting up the flags a few years ago, in honor of his uncle Manuel Fernandes. He served overseas in France for two tours of duty, where uncle Manny was dealing with ammunitions.

"My uncle Manny came back from the war in a shoe box," said Alegria.

FOX News interviews Algeria, who says the American flag is not political at all.