SEPTA riders frustrated by delays Monday after weekend storm

Monday blues turned red. Heading back to work or school at the beginning of the week is hard enough. Add train delays to the mix and it can make for a mess.

The SEPTA train board at 30th Street Station showed delays longer than 30 minutes for some trains.

We found passengers looking at their watches over and over and others gazing at the board.

SEPTA announced earlier Monday that because of issues from the weekend weather it would be running on a Saturday schedule but with extra trains on some lines.

Some passengers we talked too off camera said they waited for quite some time only to have trains that appeared to be full not stop. Others said they walked 15 minutes from another station to 30th Street Station thinking they'd have a better chance of catching a train only to arrive here and have a wait too.

SEPTA ran an automated announcement throughout the station explaining the delays and why they were necessary.

Service is expected to return to normal Tuesday but check the website for any changes, here.