'Serenade on the Avenue' pop-up concert honoring healthcare workers

An elevated 30 minute pop up performance in Center City across from the Kimmel Center on the 7th floor of a construction site soon to be the luxury high rise Arthaus Condominiums at Broad and Spruce. 

"It's sheer exhilaration. We haven't had that opportunity to celebrate, to be live or to embrace the performances," said developer Carl Dranoff. He offered up the site for a stage while it’s still under construction and without windows. 

"Just like the Greeks did 2,000 years ago in their amphitheaters. Shouting to the public, singing to the sidewalks, it's free, it's live and it's fun," he said.  

It's the second of three concerts called "Serenade on the Avenue" allowing students and staff of the University of the Arts to perform. It’s something they haven't been able to do the way they used to before the pandemic. People gathered on the streets and on balconies of surrounding buildings. Tonight was for everyone but look closely and you'll notice the guests of honor sprinkled throughout the crowd. 

"We have our healthcare workers to get us through this so they are the reason we are doing this to show our love and appreciation for them," said Dranoff. Casey Rosenthal was delighted to hear Dranoff announce that during the show. 

"I think it's beautiful," she said. Rosenthal is a nurse in Jefferson's Department of Neurosurgery. 

"There's a lot of polarization in the world and especially our country right now. Something like this shows you that there's beauty even in dark times," she said.  

The first concert saluted the arts with opera. The final show will be Oct. 14 and will honor first responders with jazz performances. Performers are faculty and staff from the University of the Arts. 


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