Shortage of lumber creates issues for construction projects

An extreme shortage in pressure treated wood and other supplies is leaving several companies and customers with unfinished products. 

“I got to replace a couple boards but there’s nothing, it’s bare. Everybody being home, they want to build decks. And everything they had is now gone,” said Shawn Stewart, a Home Depot shopper. 

Many Lowes and Home Depot stores currently have very limited supplies in their Decking and Fencing aisles. 

“We started building the fence when all materials were abundant," Stewart said.

Dan Damara, a middle school teacher, runs his own fencing and landscaping company in the summer months. At A Plus Landscaping, he’s got many jobs lined up but no resources, and even his own fence is unfinished.

“We’ve driven down to Jersey, Delaware, all over PA. I’ve driven up to an hour away just to try and get materials to build a fence to finish it. Just can’t find materials anymore,” he said.

The nationwide shortage of materials is caused by a manufacturer shut down and a building increase during COVID-19 months. The ending is unknown, so many people may have to wait to finish their home improvements. 

“Kind of telling people we have to hold off on fencing right now. No one foresaw this,” said Damara. “Will I take another fence job right now? Probably not.”


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