South Jersey town reminding parents of curfew for kids on Mischief Night and Halloween

A curfew is being enforced for kids on Mischief Night and Halloween in Moorestown, New Jersey.

The spooky scene is set for Halloween in one South Jersey neighborhood and yes it's about treats but officials are concerned just as much about the tricks.

"I think most parents will keep their children inside if they know a curfew is enforced," said Michelle Litwack. And that's what many towns hope will happen.

Litwack's daughter Hannah will be dressed as a unicorn. In Moorestown, New Jersey, where they live police remind parents there's a curfew not only for Halloween but the night before known as Mischief Night.

"Last year, our babysitter's car got egged," said Hannah.

Moorestown Police posted on its Facebook page that they want everyone to enjoy Halloween safely. So if you're under 17 you have to be in by 8:30 p.m. for Mischief Night and by 10 p.m. on Halloween night.

"I actually don't like it. We're teenagers. We live once so might as well get the best out of it," said 14-year old Ron O'Connell. He and his friends say they do mischief night every year.

"Get some toilet paper. Ring some doorbells and get out of their quick as we can. It's a lot of fun," said 14-year-old Peter Calleo. But they're not looking to get into any trouble.

"No harm or anything. We always clean up at the end and it's a lot of fun," said Calleo.

Ian Amacher says Halloween is a big deal for his boys 6-year-old Jacob and 5-year-old Lucas who were out playing hockey this evening.

"We usually go around the neighborhood, we have some friends over and basically make a full night out of it," he said. They'll be out dressed as a dragon and transformer bumblebee but dad says the township's curfew isn't an issue for them.

"We're in bed by then anyway so lights are off and candy's done," said Amacher.

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