South Philly couple desperate to find lost wedding ring

A South Philly couple is desperate to find a lost wedding ring that has sentimental value.

"It's a one of a kind irreplaceable ring," said Neil Dessecker. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple on their wedding day June of last year. What made their union even more special are the specially designed rings they gave each other.

"We're both close to our families and we're close to each other's families," said his wife Capri. With that in mind, Neil designed a stunning ring for his wife. It includes diamond's from his grandmother's ring. Capri both her grandmothers' platinum rings melted to make up the ring she gave Neil. The hope was that when their grandparents were no longer here.

"We were able to carry them with us throughout our lives." A month ago on a Sunday morning Neil was getting ready for work.

"Every morning when I gel my hair. Obviously, there's a significant amount of product, I take my ring off so it doesn't get too gunky. I typically put it in my pocket so then if I leave the house and forget to put it back on I just reach in my pocket and put it back on," said Neil. Before leaving he took their dogs Cinnamon and Bagels out for a walk. He had his keys and a doggie bag in his pocket but got to work and didn't have his ring.

"I thought maybe that when I pulled the bag out or my keys out that it pulled the ring out at the same time and it was maybe lost outside," said Neil. He put up fliers and searched his South Philly neighborhood retracing his steps on 12th Street, Tree Street, up 11th Street and back down Jackson Street where they live.

"When you have a ring for the first time you kind of take it off and on but it's not worth it," said Neil. Capri hopes if anyone finds it they have the heart to return it.

"I've been very upset and just knowing that there's somebody out there that is probably keeping it or sold it and doesn't realize how important it is just breaks my heart," she said.

If you find the ring, please call FOX 29 at (215) 982-5500 or reach out to us on Facebook so we can help get it back to the couple.