Students with disabilities turn to virtual learning for physical education during COVID-19

All of us are adapting to a COVID-19 world, including a community that's already forced to adapt. Students with physical and intellectual disabilities are turning to virtual learning.

For Andrew Trygar, 8, of Downingtown, this is the new normal: a 30-minute FaceTime call with a coach every Wednesday night to help him maintain and improve his athletic abilities. 


Halle Lohan, a West Chester University junior, is working with Andrew, who was born with Down syndrome.  It's part of her adapted physical education course. 

Before coronavirus, roughly 30 students with disabilities spent Wednesday nights at an on-campus gym with their student instructors. Now, they have moved to virtual training.

"The coronavirus has definitely taken a toll its unfortunate that we can't see our kids weekly in person but they love seeing us. They get excited for each call and we do as well," Halle said.

Andrew's dad says he’s also benefiting from these virtual classes. He is now able to see firsthand how the teacher communicates with Andrew and he’s learning new techniques to use with him at home.  


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