Sunoco opens new pipeline; residents seething mad

Energy giant Sunoco says its Mariner East 2 Pipeline is "carrying product, meeting the company's self-imposed deadline to open in 2018.

But, Chester County District Attorney opened a criminal probe into the pipeline earlier in December and some residents say they're seething mad about the construction, meaning the battle over the pipeline will carry into 2019.

Sunoco says it had always planned to open its controversial Mariner East 2 pipeline by the end of 2018.

Still, news that natural gas liquids were flowing seemed to startle residents.

"I'm not pleased with that, obviously. It's a very dangerous line," said John Mattia.

The line runs behind Mattia's home along Lisa Drive in West Whiteland Township, where wooden stakes and warning poles mark its path.

Sunoco, in a statement posted online Saturday, wrote:

"…Mariner East 2 pipeline is now transporting natural gas liquids from Eastern Ohio to the Marcus Hook Industrial Complex…"

Critics say Sunoco has cobbled together old and new pipes and has done so without concern for safety, during a holiday weekend and a government shutdown.

"Incredibly surprised there still hasn't been any information given to residents that we know of on this block, that anything is safe or unsafe," stated T.J. Allen.

Allen says he'll meet with the Chester County D.A. Wednesday to provide evidence in the D.A.'s recently announced criminal probe of construction of the pipelines.

Sunoco says it alerted local, state and federal officials and argues it posted information on social media Saturday that the line was active.

With the criminal investigation underway, and activists up-in-arms, residents say their fight to stop Mariner East is far from over.

"I'm sick of it. Everybody is sick of it. It's time for Sunoco to be held responsible for their actions or lack of actions," Allen stated.

Sunoco argues its pipeline is safe and it has done nothing criminally wrong. A controversy certain to rage in the New Year.