Tim Tebow Foundation's 'Night to Shine' held in Philadelphia

The Tim Tebow Foundation's 'Night to Shine' was held in Philadelphia Friday night. The worldwide celebration was truly a night to remember.

FOX 29's Shawnette Wilson has the story.

It was 29-year-old James Shelton's night to shine and he's doing just that owning the dance floor.

It's his third year attending this prom for people 14 and older with special needs. It's put on by the Tim Tebow Foundation.

Ashley was a volunteer host and has been his date each year.

"She helped out good. She laughs at everything I say you know. I'm funny and then I just make people happy," said Shelton.

It's a glitz and glamour event with hair and make-up touch-ups at the entrance just before the guests hit the balloon-lined red carpet.

19-year-old Alee Davidson came in a beautiful lace-bejeweled black dress.

"Excited. It's my first time being here," she said. She brought her mom Jennifer along for her first time at this prom. Jennifer says it's living up to everything they'd heard.

"They really make a big deal out of the kids and they get to dress up and they look amazing and they dance all night," said Jennifer Harford.

While the dance floor was the highlight of the night taking pictures and the selfie booth were pretty popular as well. The event was held at School of the Future in Parkside and hosted by Epic Church.

"Our hope is that every single one of our guest knows just how special they are and that God created and made them special. We want to make them feel like amazing, amazing people," said Lead Pastor Kent Jacobs.

Back on the dance floor, James Shelton said it's one of the best nights of his life.

"Coming to this, hang out with your friends, then see everybody, get on the dance floor and dance but just have fun. Enjoy life have fun," he said.