Voters approve liquor sales in 5 municipalities

The drinks will soon flow in several local towns after voters approved liquor sales. 

At the Avianna Restaurant in Lansdowne, you can’t buy alcohol at all at this BYOB. They got a bar, all the glasses and the tables are all set, just no drinks to serve yet.

"We’re missing the customers to come support because we don’t have a liquor license," Bounta Phengssouk said.

The owner is hoping that all soon changes after Lansdowne voters approved allowing liquor licenses within its borders.

Diners FOX 29 spoke with say wine at dinner or a six-pack at the corner store is more about convenience.

Lansdowne joined Aldan and Marple Townships in Delaware County, along with West Marlborough and Franklin Townships in Chester County.

It's up to the businesses to apply and pay for those licenses that are determined by population.