WATCH: Off-Duty Officer Hugs Man After Talking Him Off of a Ledge

RALEIGH, NC- One of North Carolina's finest is making national headlines.

This comes after he saved the life of a man who was hanging over the ledge of a bridge.

The incident happened while the officer was off-duty and was caught on camera.

The video shows Raleigh police officer Dan Hicks coming to the rescue as he was heading home from work.

Hicks says when he got the call about a man in distress and in need of help, he stopped at nothing to help save his life.

"I introduced myself by my first name and at that point we were just two people. In my mind. I had already made the decision that he was coming over to my side of the bridge," Hicks recalled, "And thankfully, he took my compassionate statement to say you can come back to the other side of this bridge with me."

The officer had no clue a camera was rolling.

"When I was pulling him in tight the only thing that I said to him was that you're ok and it's over," Hicks said, "It looked like he was in a position where he needed it. And it's ok to give a guy a hug. I really believe that."

Hicks says he's just glad this call ended the way it did.

"He was in a very dire position and I think he had some very bad thoughts going through his mind about how he felt about himself but I also think he wanted help," Hicks said.

Hicks says he hopes that man is getting the treatment he needs, and would like to meet with him again someday.