Weather Authority: Midweek washout to drench Delaware Valley on Wednesday

The storm pounding southern states with tornadoes is making its way up north Wednesday to bring afternoon rain that will leak into Thursday morning. 

Temperatures that skewed chillier on Tuesday will dip down into the 40s and 30s overnight across the Delaware Valley. 

The first half of Wednesday will be dry as clouds thicken ahead of impending showers. Temperatures on Wednesday will return to the mid-50s in most parts of the region. 

Showers will begin to creep into the region from the west around 2 p.m., according to the latest models. Most places will see spotty to moderate rain during the afternoon with pockets of heavier showers rolling in overnight. 

Rain will continue through the night and start to taper off early Thursday morning. Forecasters expect most places to see less than an inch of rain.

Conditions will rally on Thursday with sunshine and temperatures in the mid-60s. Sunshine will linger on Friday, but weekend temperatures will take a dip into the low-to-mid 50s. 



WEDNESDAY: Clouds, PM rain. High: 55, Low: 41

THURSDAY: Rainy day. High: 63, Low: 49

FRIDAY: PM Sun, windy. High: 60, Low: 49

SATURDAY: Sunny, PM showers. High: 55, Low: 46

SUNDAY: Blustery, colder. High: 48, Low: 38

MONDAY: Sunny, cold. High: 44, Low: 27

TUESDAY: Still chilled. High: 49, Low: 28



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