Wildwood prepares for Hurricane Michael

Richard Yurkovic is in Wildwood this weekend for a motocross competition on the beach but an approaching storm overnight due to the remnants of hurricane Michael has him concerned.

"The water coming up we wake up in the morning and the motor home is floating," he said.

He's one of more than 100 people who will be riding dirt bikes on the beach for the competition. Most including Derek Angell showed up tonight in RV's and campers parked along the beach. The race was rescheduled because of hurricane Florence two weeks ago.

"The original race was supposed to be in September and they postponed it because of the hurricane that was coming up from Florida and everything, and now we actually had decent weather that weekend and now they're having it this weekend and it's raining again," said Angell.

Captain Matthew Johnson says Wildwood Fire Department is preparing for 4 to 6 inches of rain and winds up to 50 miles an hour with rescue equipment to transport people out of flood prone areas if needed.

"We have vehicles with pumps that can go underwater significantly so we get them ready to go," he said.

He says most people here now are year round residents who know the drill but they're concerned about the 75 to 100 motor cross participants visiting this weekend from other areas.

"We may move them up closer to the boardwalk if that needs to be done but we'll have guys down there overnight to keep an eye on them incase anything comes up," said Captain Johnson.

And that's exactly what they did after 10:00 tonight ahead of the storm. They moved the group away from the water inland near the convention center.

"The heavy winds could play effect down there. The tidal could be an issue down there so we'll be ready to watch them," added Captain Johnson.