Weather Authority: Muggy Tuesday morning ahead of evening pop-up thunderstorms

The sun is leaving with the Fourth of July holiday as Tuesday begins several days of rain this week.

Tuesday morning will start with a bit of sun, which will quickly turn into cloudy skies and eventually rain later this afternoon.

A chance of rain and pop-up thunderstorms is in the forecast for Tuesday afternoon, and into the evening hours. Heads up if you're headed to the Phillies game!

Clouds and storms will roll in around 4 p.m. and they will stick around into the 6 o'clock hour. Things will dry out Tuesday evening around 7 and 8 p.m. 

With the unsettled weather comes more humidity and a muggy 88-degree high.

Wet weather is expected to stick around for the remainder of the week, until sun returns for another beautiful weekend.


TUESDAY: PM storms. High: 88

WEDNESDAY: Hot, humid. High: 90, Low: 74

THURSDAY: Shower chance. High: 83, Low: 74

FRIDAY: Showers around. High: 85, Low: 75

SATURDAY: A beauty. High: 86, Low: 72

SUNDAY: Sunny, warm. High: 85, Low: 67

MONDAY: Sunny skies. High: 86, Low: 66