$11K ‘Pumpkin Spice Latte’ engagement ring: Has the fall trend gone too far?

Could the pumpkin spice craze possibly have taken it too far with a $10,000 engagement ring? You be the judge. 

Angelic Diamonds has entered the pumpkin spice chat with the world’s first ever Pumpkin Spice Latte ring.

Coming in at a whopping $11,300, you can’t even drink it. But your bank account is sure to be sucked dry. 

The fall-themed ring may not smell like cinnamon and cozy fall weather, but it does have a "whipped cream-shaped" center diamond that’s surrounded by white diamonds and orange sapphires encased in a claw that resembles a cup. 

White diamonds, orange sapphires and emerald shoulder stones decorate the rose gold band. 

The ring box is made up of a cardboard coffee cup wrap. That’s correct. $11K and you only get a cardboard box. But at least it reportedly smells like pumpkin spice when you open it.