2 staff members at summer preschool program in Millville test positive for COVID-19

Two staff members at a summer pre-K program in Millville have tested positive for COVID-19.

“We try to mitigate any type of risk of commingling of anything as far as playground, manipulation, food service, all that was segregated with each cohort or in each classroom,” Millville School District Superintendent Tony Trongone said.

But despite their best efforts, COVID-19 found its way in, two staff members were infected and the summer preschool program for 40 children came to an abrupt end.

"Given the guidelines I was optimistic but we also knew we had to have a plan for September and we had to learn what it was like with students in the building," Trongone said.

Fifteen preschoolers and another 10 staff members are quarantined for two weeks and are being tested.

Roger Carroll’s two daughters teach in the district by extension-it could affect him.

"I’d like to see them open back up if they can come up with a good idea," he said.

District officials say reopening plans for fall here and across the state still need more scrutiny.

"When we had a controlled environment such as this day care for classes of 10 with the staff where they were segregated and could not commingle we still have people infected," Trongone said.


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