5 cases of mumps confirmed at Moravian College

Multiple confirmed cases of the mumps have been confirmed at Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pa. 

College officials are asking infected students to “stay in” and stay away from large college gathering, including parties and sporting events with five confirmed cases since last Friday.  So far, no classes have been canceled. 

College officials have sent out emails to students telling them they would be notified directly which students will need to come to vaccine clinics and which ones should go to a local pharmacy or their family doctor if they want a booster dose of the MMR vaccine. 

Ian McHenry is among some students who say the college should do more. 

“A lot of the athletic teams have mandatory MMR booster shots and he’s literally my roommate and I wasn’t offered one. We all got emails about it," he explained.

Moravian College is the latest Pennsylvania institution of higher learning to deal with a mumps outbreak. Temple University had more than a hundred cases this past spring.