AAA: Gas prices steady ahead of Memorial Day weekend

AAA Mid-Atlantic has some welcome news for anyone who is traveling this Memorial Day weekend.

The agency announced Friday that gas prices across the Delaware Valley are expected to steady in most regions. The stable prices also represent a decrease cost from this time a year ago, AAA says. 

"Today’s national gas price average is $2.84, which is down a penny in the last week, down two cents in the last month, and is 12 cents less than last year’s price," AAA said.

Philadelphians are currently paying $3.02 at the pump, which is 12 cents net gain over the last calander year for area drivers. Across the Delaware River, South Jersey gas prices are down to $2.82, a likewise price difference to that of Philadelphia's pumps.

Meanwhile, Delaware has the lowest gas prices in the area at $2.68, which is a 26 cent difference from Memorial Day, 2018.

The agency credits lower oil prices and an incread in gas supplies as key factors in keeping prices stable and dropping.