Airport Angel Helps Woman Make it Home to Dying Mom

A Michigan woman experienced a holiday miracle around Thanksgiving when a Good Samaritan stepped in to help her get to her dying mother's bedside.

Laura Genovich's mother suffered a stroke the day before Thanksgiving. Because her mother was 1,000 miles away in Florida--and after learning of the graveness of her unconscious mother's condition--Genovich decided to fly down at the last minute.

The mother of three packed her bag and rushed to the airport with her infant daughter in tow. It was a nerve wracking moment, one that was destined to get worse before.

But, with the help of a stranger, it would soon improve, WOODTV reports.

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"Unfortunately, the plane needed "maintenance," so we sat there on the runway," Genovich wrote in a blog post on Scary Mommy. During that time, I was on the phone with my dad, my husband and my niece, talking about my mom's health, the fact that she probably wasn't going to make it, and how anxious I was to get there quickly."

An hour passed, during which Genovich became emotional as she sat helplessly on the plane with her baby, before the crew finally admitted the plane would not be taking off.

"I just broke down and started crying because I needed to be there," she said. "I needed to get there as soon as possible. My dad was completely alone down there."

That's when an Airport Angel appeared in the form of a woman who'd been sitting behind Genovich and listening to her sad story.

"My name is Mary. I've been listening to you for the last hour, and I've been praying for you and your family. I am not leaving your side until you are on a plane to Orlando," the woman said.

After deplaning, Genovich found the woman there at the end of the jetway waiting for her.

With her husband and Mary's help, Genovich learned there was a flight to Florida leaving in just minutes on a different airline.

The women had barely enough time to make it to the gate. When they did, all the passengers were already aboard.

The gate agent said Genovich could get on the plane, but the ticket would cost $400.

That's when Mary stepped in once again. "I love you, and the Lord loves you," Mary told Genovich after paying for her ticket.

As promised, Mary was there when Genovich boarded the plane that would finally get her to Florida.

When Genovich arrived, she made it to the her mother's bedside just 15 minutes before visiting hours ended.

Genovich spent as much time as she could with her mom, played her some family videos and siad her goodbyes.

Several days later, her mother died.

"The bittersweet thing is my mom would have loved this story," Genovich said. "She would have loved the story about the kindness of strangers."

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