Arrest Made in Brutal Murder of 85-Year-Old Philadelphia Woman

Philadelphia Police have announced the arrest of a man who was wanted for the murder of an 85-year-old woman earlier this week.

Saturday, police arrested and charged Leroy Wilson, 37, with the murder of Regina Brunner Holmes, of East Mount Airy.

The incident occurred on Monday 12:03 p.m. when officers discovered the body of Holmes at her home on the 300 block of Roumfort Road.

Police say Holmes was beaten and stabbed to death.

A Homicide Unit Special Task Force worked around the clock to track down the suspect all week.

Investigators were ultimately able track debit and credit card records which led them to Wilson.

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Wilson was identified as a handyman who had done work for several neighbors in the area where Ms. Holmes lived. Investigators obtained a warrant for Wilson's arrest after uncovering surveillance footage of Wilson attempting to use the stolen debit card.

Authorities found Holmes' laptop and credit cards in the home of one of the suspect's friends in West Oak Lane, on the 3100 block of Stillman Street. Police say the cards were used to make online purchases from that address.

Saturday, Norristown Police and U.S. Marshals served the warrant and arrested Wilson at a home on the 300 block of Brown Street in Norristown, Pennsylvania.

Police currently believe that Wilson acted alone in the murder. Investigators also say they believe Holmes may have caught Wilson in the act of stealing from her, leading to a physical altercation.

Regina was known as a fixture on the 300 block of Roumfort Road. She has two sons and several grandchildren. Neighbors like former Commissioner of the Bureau of Prisons Leon King says Regina was full of life. She was often seen taking daily walks and spending a couple days a week at her part time job at the Chestnut Hill local newspaper.