Authorities warn of police impersonators in Burlington County

Police are warning residents of Burlington County to watch out for two men posing as police officers. They have already pulled over and searched at least one driver.

Ed Binnig drives through Delanco, South Jersey every day and was unnerved after hearing that two men allegedly pretended to be cops and stopped a man.

"First thing, I would say if they flagged me down, I'd say I want a uniformed officer here now that I know that," he told FOX 29.

Investigators say the alleged incident happened on Burlington Avenue near the railroad tracks early Saturday morning.

Two men on foot in plainclothes and with flashlights stopped a driver passing through, according to police.

"They approached him and asked him to exit the vehicle and they searched his person, allegedly. Did not remove any items or take any things from him and then subsequently let him go," Delanco Township Police Department Chief Jesse DeSanto said.

Delanco police say the reported victim did not know the area and want to talk to anyone who may have more information.

"Any officer if you ask for identification they'll show you identification," Chief DeSanto said.