Bay Area couple of 35 years dies weeks apart from COVID-19

The husband of a Yountville retirement facility nurse, who died of COVID-19, has now died from complications of the disease himself just weeks after his wife's death. 

At the time of her death at 62, Gwendolyn Robinson's husband, Keith Robinson, 61, was in an intensive care unit at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Vallejo. 

The couple's son said he and his three siblings are now trying to cope with the sudden loss of both of their parents in just a matter of weeks. 

"It's kind of numbing, because I'm still not over my mom," DeLon Adams said. "And to lose my dad not even two weeks later, it's kind know...that's a big blow."

Keith drove distribution trucks for the U.S. Postal Service. His family suspected that was one possibility of how he contracted the virus, but they may never know for sure. 

After losing both parents, Adams is imploring the public to use masks, sanitize and social distance.