Bikini coffee shop brews up controversy

TEMPE, Ariz. (KSAZ) - A Tempe City Councilman is not happy with a new business coming to town called "Bikini Beans Espresso."

Councilman Kolby Granville is speaking out against the shop that currently has a location near 7th Street and Thomas in Phoenix.

This place is opening in Tempe.On the one hand, I believe that the market is the best picker of winners and losers and...

Granville took to social media to voice his concern over the business that plans to open a location on Scottsdale Road.

"I HATE THIS. HATE IT. I hate that I'm currently teaching my students about Seneca Falls, about the fight for voting, and about a million other battles won by brave women to be treated as more than objects, and yet this is where America still stands," said Kolby Granville on his Facebook page.

"I will happily help you pack up and leave Tempe when you go out of business. You fill me with actual hate for what you are doing," he added.

A local Tempe councilman spreads HATE and wishes failure on a small business. It's really a view point of choice. If you...

The shop also responded on social media calling out Granville and stating "it's really a view point of choice."

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