Bucks County Girl Sees Life in a Whole New Way Thanks to E-Sight Glasses

BUCKS COUNTY, PA (WTXF) A Buck's County Girl with a rare eye disease is about to 'see' her life change in a big way.

Fox 29's Dawn Timmeney with more on how new technology is about to give this 6th grader a gift, many of us take for granted.

We first met Lacey Bachart when she was just 9-years old a typical little girl whose favorite color was purple, and who loved to play and sing...

But who saw the world a whole lot differently than most of us.

"There's a blind -blurry spot-like right here," Lacey demonstrated.

Lacey has a rare genetic eye disorder called Stargardt's Disease. It's robbed her of her central vision, and she can only see peripherally.

Lacey is 12 now, and she still likes the color purple and music, and she doesn't let her disease get her down.

She is pretty positive about the cards she's been dealt, even playing soccer this year, despite the obvious challenges.

"I've just really learned how to cope with this disease and my friends have helped me a lot and the teachers, my parents," Lacey explained

Lacey's mom, Lisa, is her biggest advocate.

"You always hope for a cure, you always hope for maybe something will happen, but with no cure in sight, you can't really get your hopes up, so you adapt, you have to go with what you have," Lisa said.

But never giving up, Lisa Bachart saw a pair of E-Sight glasses on a TV show recently. They helped a man who is legally blind, see.

Lisa was immediately on it.

"I called literally, probably 10 second after I saw that. I went on eSight's website. I saw they had a phone number and I called right away. I just said where I need to go. What do I need to do?" Lisa explained.

Several weeks later, Lacey and her family traveled to the closest E-Sight center in Cleveland, Ohio.

The family hoping this new breakthrough technology, that uses a high definition camera, LED screens and other features, could work for Lacey.

"It has like screens on the side, they're HD screens so the detail and it magnifies everything she can't see," Lisa said, "She was just so confident. She was like...I know they are gonna work. This is gonna change my life, and I still had a little doubt

Lisa didn't want lacey to be disappointed, and she wasn't! The first person Lacey saw, was her mom.

"I knew that she saw by the smile on her face, by the smile on her face. You could just see her whole face, her whole body, she lit up," Lisa explained.

"It was really cool, I just needed to keep looking," Lacey said.

"It was just absolutely amazing. It was awesome, "Lacey added, "Even for a split second, I would have been grateful. It was just amazing."

Lacey admits the glasses are kind of funky looking.

She's says she is obsessed with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and thinks she looks like her favorite character when she puts the E-Sight glasses on.

"I kind of look like Donatello, he's the purple masked guy, and I kind of look like him, so it doesn't bother me at all," Lacey said, "It would just make my life a lot easier. I can't wait to experience that."

"Her life will change dramatically, and all for the better," said Lisa.