Burlington Township High School homecoming to be held outside

Homecoming will go on for a high school in New Jersey but it will be held outside due to COVID.

Burlington Township High School senior Kaitlyn Fechter is thrilled to learn that this year’s homecoming festivities will go on as scheduled.

"We missed out on so much with COVID, not being in school, not being with peers," said Fechter. "The chance to have homecoming is really a great opportunity."

The delta variant is complicating events at schools all across our area and forcing big decisions early on in the school year.

"There was a lot of rumors that the township would be canceling homecoming and that really concerned the parents.  So we reached out to the superintendent and the principal,"  Karen Fechter explained.

Senior Kaili Sharp says she and her student government classmates approached administrators with their frustrations and they listened. The high school principal announced that the dance will go on, however, it will be held outside this year.

"I think it’s great that’s what we wanted in the first place," says Sharp. 

With a little creativity, homecoming at Burlington Township High School is happening.  Districts in the tri-state area are working hard to strike a balance between preserving cherished traditions while ensuring everyone’s safety.

"Honestly, it’s a tough position to be in as an administrator. I totally understand that as a student, but there are options out there and I’m so glad our high school heard those options," Fechter said.



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