Busy intersection in Roxborough causes concern for residents

Roxborough residents say crossing the street is plain dangerous. They say it needs to be fixed with no time to waste. 

10-year-old Madeline Yuchaw only has to walk a few blocks to the Greenwoods Charter School near her Roxborough home, but for Madeline and some of her fellow students getting there through an intersection can still be a real challenge.

"They come right out so we have to like go around the car into the traffic," she told FOX 29.

The situation affects students who cross on the south side of Domino Lane at Ridge Avenue. There’s no crosswalk on this side and until recently there was no crossing guard either.

"It's treacherous. Cars come flying up. There's no crosswalk, so it impedes on where the kids are crossing. We've seen almost numerous accidents over the past year," parent Michael Yuchaw said.

Parents and school officials at Greenwoods spent the past year lobbying the city for a crossing guard to get kids safely across the street. However, kids and parents say it’s still dangerous with all the traffic and trucks that run through the area.

"It's better but just the other day the first day the crossing guard was there a kid almost got hit," Michael said.

FOX 29 spoke with a high ranking police department official Monday. He confirms the new crossing guard is now on duty and promised to investigate the crosswalk issue. He could make a recommendation to the Philadelphia Streets Department for a new crosswalk.