Car goes airborne, crashes into home in Northeast Philadelphia

A car crashed into a home in Northeast Philadelphia. SkyFOX flew over the scene on Tuesday.

"I almost cried. I didn't believe it. Just didn't believe what happened."

That's because what happened in front of Carol Evan's home in Northeast Philadelphia is more like a scene out of an action movie. A driver coming down Algon lost control of his car and literally flew through the air over two cars before totaling Carol's car and and another and then smashing into Kevin McGuire's wall. The car landed on McGuire's front lawn where he says his 13-year son is usually sitting out front.

"That was the scary thing," McGuire said. "Right where it landed, basically. Good thing he was inside the house."

Luis Oliviera lives right next door and says he believes the driver was going extremely fast.

The driver appeared to have had some kind of medical emergency before the crash.McGuire says he's worried about the victim.