Chester County couple enlists Eagles great David Akers in gender reveal

A Chester County couple, who are serious Eagles fans, were able to share the sex of their baby with their friends and family through a very special gender reveal. The couple enlisted the help of all-time great Eagles kicker David Akers.

"We had the football. Lauren wanted me to kick it. I said "Why don't, it would be cool to ask David Akers," said Dave Peirce.

They sent Akers a note and he replied he would do it.

The couple share several remarkable coincidences between them.

"So, we not only have the same birthday, we were born in the same year, in the same hospital," explained Lauren Peirce.

More remarkable, while their birthday is February 6th, the due date of their baby boy is February 18th and they have reason to believe the baby could possibly be born earlier, perhaps, the couple is hoping, sharing the birthday with them. As if that weren't enough, the baby boy will be born at Chester County Hospital, where both Lauren and Dave were born.

They plan to name the baby David, for Dave's grandfather.